Swiss Army Wife Gives Us Everything and then Some with Their Debut Full Length LP “ Medium Gnarly”

We recently sat down and checked out Portland, Oregon based Emo/Pop-Punkers Swiss Army Wife and their new epically awesome LP “Medium Gnarly “

You can listen to “Medium Gnarly “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

First off let us start by saying this album is an absolute electrifying collection of songs . Swiss Army Wife bring so much raw emotion and energy to every single track it really is freaking amazing.

From note one of “This # Is No Longer In Service “ you get the feeling you are in for a musical experience that is going to kick some serious butt.

The band remind us of a group of chemists working frantically in the lab to come up with the right dose of musical goodness.

While the band shines when they push full force they are also impressively versatile where in they can artfully dial it down a notch without loosing their edge , examples of this would be “Halloween “ and “New Best Friend” which really shined brightly on this collection of songs . The melodic and sonic balance exhibited by Swiss Army Wife is a thing of beauty .

We usually like to pick a favorite track when we review a record. However, we couldn’t pick just one …. So we went with two “CBS At 7:00” and “Your Bathroom “ these 2 tracks where down right perfect . We honestly couldn’t get enough

Make sure you check out Swiss Army Wife and their amazing new LP “Medium Gnarly

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