We Just listened to “Life’s So Lonely “ from Stay Out featuring Joe Queer from The Queers And….. It was Freaking Epic!

Before last Friday … We were starting to think our lives here at The Whole Kameese were a tad bit incomplete ( I guess you might say we were a bit lonely) . I mean sure we had the basics- food,water and shelter. But….. Do you want to know what we didn’t have in our lives??…… Well my music loving friends …. We didn’t have the punk rock musical joy that is the band Stay Out . (If we had crazy sound effects and confetti they would go here )

On Friday we powered up the old music playing machine and listened to the newest single “Life’s So Lonely “ from Bay Area punks Stay Out . So not only does the song freaking kick ass but, it features Joe queer from the legendary punk band The Queers . We were hooked on the addictive melodic greatness of “Life’s So Lonely “ The track is a smart and well written punk gem that we simply can’t get enough .

You can check out “Life’s So Lonely “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Life’s So Lonely “ is just the tip of the iceberg for Stay Out in 2023 as they will be releasing a new album in March titled “Just Pretend “

Stay Out is an absolute blast to listen too. Memorable melodies and lyrics ( We can neither confirm or deny we were singing “Life’s So Lonely “ in the bank drive up line this morning) The chemistry and musicianship between Grant Pack, Mason McGeorge , Carl Pospiech and Nate Reynoso is absolutely electrifying and top notch.

We’re super excited for more music from Stay Out . We will have more about the band in the coming months so stay tuned !

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