Stay Out Deliver An Instant Classic With “Don’t Trust Your Government” Featuring Quin Manchester

We were super excited to check out a brand new track from East Bay punks Stay Out

You can listen to Don’t Trust Your Governmentfrom Stay Out featuring Quin Manchester on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The new single “Don’t Trust The Government “ ft Quin Manchester is an absolutely amazing song. Stay Out delivers an instant punk classic.

Don’t Trust The Government “ is Stay Out at their absolute best. Once again they deliver a great song that has great lyrics coupled with an addictive epic melody that we can’t shake ( Seriously does anybody have better melodic hooks than Stay Out? )

The band will be releasing a brand new album in 2023 and to be honest… We can’t wait!! . Seriously the world needs more bands like Stay Out , they say what’s on their mind and have an absolute blast while doing it .

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