Sunshine Riot – “Looking At The Past”

We recently had the distinct honor to check out the new single “Looking At The Past” from Boston based Alt-Grunge band Sunshine Riot .The song will be on their new EP that was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago “Loud,Bright, and Violent “ set for April 2023 release .

You can listen to “Looking At The Past” on Spotify here and on Apple Music here

“Looking At The Past” is a gritty well written single that is absolutely spectacular. Sunshine Riot are masters at their craft and it truly shows on this outstanding track .

New single “Looking at the Past,” like the EP that cradles it, was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, returning to the Midwestern studio where the band concocted the equally-abrasive Electrical Tape EP. Like the person trapped in an unsatisfying real world, knowing a return to the care-free campus college days are in the past, a look back to the angst and energy of youth is fueling this new chapter for the band. And it begins anew with “Looking at the Past.”

“The song sort of exists in two places,” says vocalist and guitarist Jonny Orton. “The first half, I think, is the internal narrative of a character who has taken a long time to change, I suppose for the better, and is reflecting on their past while attempting to assure themselves and others they weren’t too late in putting their wilder and lesser ways down. The song then transitions, fairly loudly, to the story of a completely fictional character named John Prescott, who is being sentenced to death for murder and eventually finds himself in purgatory — which he determines to be a fate worse than death.”

We are absolutely all in on “Looking at The Past “ and we cannot wait until April for the EP.

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