Kian Blume Give Us A Big Beautiful Sounding Gem With “Daphne”

We were so excited to check out the stunningly beautiful new single “Daphne from Billboard-charting Los Angeles based songwriter Kian Blume.

You can listen to “Daphne” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We absolutely are head over heels in love with this song . It’s a big beautiful orchestral pop track that thrills with lush whimsical piano chords and heightened melodies. When we listen “Daphne” we can’t help but marvel in the style and elegance in which, Kian Blume presents this amazing arrangement of melodies.”Daphne “ is a addictive pop gem that we can’t resist.

On “Daphne“, Kian Blume partnered with Michael Orland, who is best known for his work with American Idol and producer Miklos Malek (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia).

The track was written when Blume was on a mandatory vocal rest after a vocal cord injury, and while the doctor ordered him not to sing, the melody that came to him was too all consuming to pass over. The result is his self-described “magnum opus,” an emotional and enthralling sonic rollercoaster that is Blume’s proudest accomplishment to date. The decision to sing in that moment, however, almost cost him his music career, as his vocals soon after hemorrhaged, sending him into surgery. It was all serendipitous though, with his famous Otolaryngologist introducing him to his ultimate writing and production partner Michael Orland

With “Daphne”, Kian Blume crafts an autobiographical and heartwarming single about a past love from his youth. Even though the relationship didn’t work out in the end, the special and pleasant memories left an indelible mark on the songwriter.

Kian Blume is definitely one to watch for not only 2023 but, also years to come . With more music to come, including a dedication to toxic lust entitled “Parasite”,we simply can’t wait to see musical greatness he has in store next .

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