Bristol (UK ) based Bitter Kisses gives us an Absolutely Spectacular Debut Single “Pr*Y”

We recently had the absolute pleasure to check out the debut single “PR*Y” from Bristol (UK) based heavy-pop four-piece Bitter Kisses.

You can listen to “PR*Y” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We are not going to pull any punches here.. We were totally blow away by this song and the band . “Pr*y” is down right amazing. Bitter Kisses bring a style and sound that is so vibrant and refreshing. Pr*y” grabs you from note one with, mind blowing hypnotic beats that are more epic than an all night dance party .

Recorded with Josh Gallop (Mother Vulture, Phoxjaw) and mixed and mastered by Tom Cory (Novatines, Superlove) Pr*y (Prey ) comes at you fast and heavy but, it is also a super catch track that dances in your subconscious long after the music fades.

Formed in 2022, Bitter Kisses ( Gemma Tracey , Vocals, Thomas Adams , Bass/Vocals, Josh Butches , Guitar,Vocals ,Scarlett Cawley, Drums) made their live debut in August 2022 at Bridgwater’sWe Hear You Fest’, quickly making a name for themselves with their high energy live shows and synth-infused blend of Dark Pop and Goth Rock.

Describing themselves as “Pop music you can beat your friends up to”, their debut single, already championed by BBC Radio One, more than lives up to this hype.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single the band state, “Pr*y was partially inspired by a fever dream in which Lady Gaga collaborated with Queens of the Stone Age to produce a new Earth Wind And Fire song.”

We simply can’t get enough of Bitter Kisses and their absolutely electrifying debut single “Pr*y . Not only do we get a great song we are also lucky to get an amazing video as well.Inspired by David Lynch-style psychedelic and surrealist films. The entire set and props included were created by the band themselves in true DIY fashion. The video was directed by Chris Lucas and is a visual work of art . You can check it out below .

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