If Making An Absolutely Amazing Song Is A Crime Then Ransom And The Subset Are Guilty Because Their New Song “Perfect Crime “ Is So Good That It’s Down Right Criminal

We love a great song . When you hear a great song for the first time, you remember it . A great song can serve as a forever time stamp that stays with you forever.

We first heard of Seattle based Ransom and the Subset and “The Perfect Crime” a few weeks ago. We were sitting in the office and had just poured the second cup of coffee, we hit play and ….. Absolute Pop magic .

“The Perfect Crime” hooks you in right away . The introduction of the song hits you harder than the most perfect wave imaginable, only this wave is the perfect wall of melodic goodness.

You can listen to “The Perfect Crime” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“The Perfect Crime “ is Ransom and the Subset’s follow up to the debut album , “No Time to Loose” lauded by the Daily Vault as “a tasty power-pop confection, full of the sort of airy, energetic, acoustic-rhythm-guitar-driven tunes.” The affinity for melodic-forward, infectious hooks continues as they embark on their newest project, led by single “Perfect Crime.”

We are absolutely in love with the retro feel on “Perfect Crime” it has us longing for those great pop tunes full of endless melodies from the 60’s However, Ransom and the Subset does a magnificent job of infusing the song with a vibrant sound and energy all their own. “Perfect Crime “ is a song centered around the ultimate pop music muse …Love and all that comes with it .

Lead singer, RanDair Porter, uses his unique rhythmic vocals ( Porter’s flawless vocals could go toe to to with anyone, he is in a class all his own) to wax poetic about what he’s willing to do to please his love, while Grammy Award Winner, Jay Graydon, guests with melodic guitar and unexampled solo style. (Editors Note: When a guitar solo leaves you completely in awe and speechless, it’s pretty good )

The “Perfect Crime” from Ransom and the Subset is a “Perfectly Great Song “ . Songs like this do not come around every day but when they do….. We need to stop and listen because it is a truly magical moment.

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