PICTURESQUE Delivers With Stunning New Single And Video For “Hopeless”

We feel sometimes the word “Artist” is lost when talking about musicians. We recently checked out Kentucky based post-hardcore Picturesque and their stunning new single “Hopeless” and we can tell you with absolute certainty that Picturesque are master class musical artists who have crafted an absolute gem with Hopeless “

You can listen to “Hopeless” Here

First things first… We are super pumped that Picturesque is back after a several year hiatus following their critically acclaimed sophomore LP Do You Feel O.K?. Born out of a post-hardcore scene that’s often characterized more by aggression than accessibility, the band steadfastly refuse to be boxed or pigeonholed, and they’re set on embracing musical tropes not traditionally associated with heavy music.

Photo : Meg Shanks

What we love and respect about Picturesque is that they are not afraid to push the envelope and explore the sonic landscape of alternative music. “Hopeless” stands out because the band lays all out with colliding guitar heavy post-hardcore musings with elements of pop, hip hop and electronic music, their latest song eschews genre expectations while highlighting a keen sense of creative experimentation. ( Personally we love it when a band jumps in “the lab” and let the creative process go where it may).

While the band’s performance across the board is formidable, special attention must (and should) be given to lead singer and creative mastermind Kyle Hollis. Boasting one of the most dynamic voices in alternative music, his soaring vocals cascade through the track in a way that is all together original. (If your jaw doesn’t hit the floor after listening to the vocals on “Hopeless”, we seriously suggest checking your pulse, Kyle Hollis is freaking amazing).

We absolutely love the video for “Hopeless”. The video has a real “Fast And Furious” vibe and like the band’s live performances…. Is electric. You can watch the video below

When asked about the new single and what to expect this year the band has this to say: “ ‘Hopeless’ was written during lock down and at that point the band had felt stuck for a while. ‘Hopeless’ is just us expressing that feeling of being stuck. Being stuck in our career, being stuck musically or quite literally being stuck in a place you don’t want to be. We are excited to hit the road and be stuck in a room playing songs for our friends again. The rest of the year we are planning to do shows in our favorite cities. We are hand selecting the places we are playing and the bands we are playing with. After that we are locking ourselves in the studio and writing new songs.”

Everyone is always looking for a great band and a great song, well look no further than Picturesque and their absolutely stunningly brilliant new single “Hopeless”

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