Answerman Soar With Sonically Perfect “Black Heart”

Recently we had the distinct honor of checking out Boston based foursome Answerman and their explosive new single “Black Heart “

You can listen to “Black Heart” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Black Heart” comes at you at warped speed , like a loose asteroid hurling through space. A delicately crafted sonic composition that is the embodiment of an authentic rock anthem. The song has a pulse that frolics within the spectrum of post-punk,psych and surf-pop. “Black Heart “ is the perfect “jumper cable” “ to reignite the true spirit of rock.

“Black Heart” is a reflection of how we’re all feeling, trapped in ongoing patterns of depression and anxiety.

Photo Credit: Pat Piasecki

“Black Heart” is just the beginning… Answerman will be giving us an absolute treat as they will be releasing their debut album “Black Light Poster on April 21st,with the record release party going down the next night, April 22, at Faces Brewing Co. in Malden,MA with special guests The Love Shamans and The Grubs.

Black Heart’ is about living with depression and anxiety. It’s about the thoughts that keep repeating in our heads while we’re in that hopeless state. It’s a feeling that we can all relate to — you just retreat inside your head and get on this treadmill of negative existential thoughts. It’s not a good place at all. You feel trapped, alone, isolated and like there’s no way out.” — Sam Pitino.

After some time away Answerman are ready to answer the call , with their brand of electrifying rock.

Answerman is ….. Sam Pinto,Guitar and vocals, Tom Murphy, Guitar , Walt Enright, Bass, Chris Orcutt,Drums

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