Lucias Malcolm Delivers Caffeine For Your Soul With A Red Hot Debut Solo Album “Past,Present and Future Regrets “

Before we get to our review of the spectacular debut album by Lucias Malcolm , we feel should advise the listener to strap in and get ready for absolutely super sonic music experience.

You can listen to “Past,Present And Future Regrets on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Lucias Malcolm frontman for acclaimed UK ska-punk band Call Me Malcolm kicks into high gear to deliver 10 rocket fueled tracks on his debut solo album Past,Present And Future Regrets .Lucias Malcolm injects a full dose of honesty and emotion into the album that can’t be faked . Telling the story of one scarred night in the mind of an insomniac

If you were intrigued by the first two singles (…AM Hell and “No Spoilers,But,Everyone Dies…) Then get ready to keep “Past,Present And Future Regrets “ on constant repeat.

You can feel the absolutely insane level of energy on this record with the first track “Kill it With Fire” We were hooked instantly with this track.

The album as a whole has this hypnotic drum sound that acts as your guide on this incredible musical journey that is “Past,Present And Future Regrets”

“Signal Lost” is perhaps the shining star of the album , Lucias Malcolm is flawless on this track . A beautiful melodic composition that is a work of art that can’t be missed.

“I Left My Heart In Clacket lane “ is a well orchestrated song that shows Lucias Malcolm excelling vocally . We hit repeat so much on this song we almost wore it out.

It’s really hard not fall in love with “Past,Present, And Future Regrets. These songs are well constructed burst of energy that stay with you long after the record stops .

Photo MST Photography

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