Sweet Gloom Gives Us Another Epically Awesome New Single With “Deal Me Peace”

Credit : James Duran

We first happened upon LA– based pop-punk trio Sweet Gloom back in April when they gave us the simply amazing “Hollywood Love” Well it looks like Sweet Gloom are master’s of the universe as they have once again delivered greatness with their new single “Deal Me Peace “ and… we also get a killer video as well .

You can listen to “Deal Me Peace” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can check out the video below

“Deal Me Peace “ is a melodic pop-punk tour de force that we simply can’t get enough . Sweet Gloom are master song architects that have crafted an epic pop gem .

“Deal Me Peace “ showcases the band incredible musicianship ( Jaake Margo, lead vocals , guitar , Chris Clark, vocals, bass and Morris Carrillo on drums) it also highlights the flawless and distinct vocals of Jaake Margo

“Deal Me Peace” follows Sweet Gloom’s theme of wistful, poetic lyrics set upon a base of lively, rugged pop-punk. Perfectly emblematic of the band’s name itself, the song’s upbeat energy swings in tandem with a macabre story lead singer Jaake Margo described as, “reveling in misery and longing for a way out.” As Margo sings about melancholy in the track, the lyrics, video, and the band’s sound weave in a feeling of being comfortably familiar with the weight of it: “Something cruel beneath \ Plays its dirty tricks on me \ Drew that blade from its sheath \ Please just deal me peace.”

We’ve said it before and we will say it again … We are all in on Sweet Gloom we can’t wait for the band’s forthcoming album Reverie, due to release this summer via Asian Man Records.

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