KTJ & CARLY Deliver One to Remember With Their New Single “In My Ways”

Photo Credit : Joseph Lee

We were absolutely excited beyond belief to check out the new single “In My Ways” from rising pop duo KTJ&CARLY.

You can listen to “In My Ways” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We can’t help but get excited when KTJ&CARLY releases a single. It seems with every single they release they level up and show why they are one of the most gifted songwriting duo on the planet ( and their latest “In My Ways “ is no exception)

Photo credit – Joseph Lee

On “In My Ways,” the duo really start to present a more developed and mature sound that resonates throughout every turn of phrase. The stripped-down production highlights the strength of their vocals, whether cascading harmonies that undulate over the chorus or an individual melody floating effortlessly alongside the pulsating rhythm, it’s here that the duo truly shine. On a track about reaching the emotional maturity it takes to learn when to speak and when to hold back, listeners sense this area of growth blooming thematically, emotionally, and lyrically. “What I mean is I don’t wanna be mean, but my capacity is smarter than it’s been, can’t hold a conversation if it’s about nothing, the sun is really shining on all my brain.” The lyrics explore the internal battle of holding their tongue when they have so much to say, flipping the script to focus on something as mundane as the weather. The lesson learned; that sometimes it’s better to suffer in silence than bask in the drama of speaking your mind.

We were simply mesmerized by the vocal performance on “In My Ways” KTJ&CARLY deliver and epically flawless vocal performance. We can not help but think that “In My Ways” is KTJ&CARLY at their absolute best .

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