Spoilers Give Us A Sweet Sounding New Single With “ Peaches And Cream”

UK melodic punk band Spoilers (featuring Dan Goatham of SNUFF) release new song “Peaches and Cream” Announce New EP “There or Thereabouts

You can listen to “Peaches and creamHere and you can watch the video for “Peaches and Cream below

We recently checked out the sweet sounding new single “Peaches and Cream“ from melodic UK punks Spoilers

Living the dream – You can have everything in life you ever wanted and dreamed of… and it does make you happy most of the time. People making their lives look like a fairy tale and insanely happy… and then when you run into them they’re actually having a really bad time.”

Inspired by anxiety and depression this high energy song kicks ass but tells an important message at the same time: Being stuck between living the dream and feeling out of place, between feeling great and being envious.

It was something a bloke I used to drink with would say, he’d have a really positive story always ending somehow on a downer.”, says singer Dan Goatham (also known for being in SNUFF). And he once said “well, it ain’t all peaches and cream.” So I stole it.”

The hammond organ on the song is played by Simon Short, known as a member of Seattle based band The Drowns.

Full disclosure: we have been playing “Peaches and Cream” from Spoilers on repeat since 9:00 am this morning ( Friday , May 26th ) We love the energy on this song and the melodies are drop dead perfect .

The Band will be hitting the road in the UK starting on June 22nd details below

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