We Are Absolutely Mesmerized By Sumbuck – Latest Single’s “Hey Honey” And “How Long “ They Are Stunningly Beautiful

So we not only write a music blog but, first and foremost we are music fans . Every once in a while we stumble across an artist that we absolutely love . Today we would like to shout from the rooftops about Sumbuck

Sumbuck; a slang found in the last pages of a good book. It is the pen name and side project of Taylor Meier, who is also in the band Caamp In
this project he curates a wide sonic pallet, ever changing members and moods. All the songs
are about love in one way or another, just woven differently

You never forget the first time that you hear a really good song , it stays with you like the lingering smell of an apple pie on a cool crisp autumn day. When we heard “Hey Honey “ we were absolutely taken hook line and sinker . The song simplistic in nature perfectly displays flawless “traffic stopping vocals” that pair beautifully with the memorable melody

Single artwork by Austin Sterpka

You can listen to “Hey Honey” Here

Soon after discovering “Hey Honey “ We then found “How Long “ (Single Version)

“How Long “ has this sweet soulful sound and vibe that comes across so easy and effortlessly. We love how “How Long “ (Single Version) shows a completely different musical dimension than “Hey Honey “ We found ourselves happily caught up in the easy groove of “How Long “ (Single Version)

single art by Austin Sterpka

You can listen to “How Long” (Single Version) Here

We are so thankful that we happily stumbled upon Sumbuck . We are totally smitten with not one but two tracks … “Hey Honey” and “How Long “ ( Single Version)

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