“All I Need” From Sammy Shepard Is An Absolute Must Listen

We recently had a chance to check out the single “All I Need “ from Sammy Shepard .

All I Need “ is the debut single for the Georgia born singer/songwriter and we think you are really going to like it .

You can listen to “All I Need “ below

Multi instrumentalist Sammy Shepard comes from a long line of musicians , his father and grandfather are products musical families . To say Music is big part of his life is putting it lightly.

Sammy grew up around all kinds of music , from classics to heavy jazz fusion. He comments “The music that stuck with me the most influence would have to be John Mayer, The Beatles of course, and Jack Johnson along with many others

You can definitely hear the above mentioned influences. However, Sammy Shepard has a soulful and authentic sound that is all his own.

Sammy Shepard is currently honing his craft by playing show 3 times a week as well as working on his debut album .

“All I Need “ from Sammy Shepard is must hear music that you will definitely have on repeat for quite some time

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