With A Voice That Is Out Of This World … JANE Gives US Her Amazing New Single “Moon”

Art credit Katrina Benzova

Recently we had the distinct honor of checking out 17 teen year old alt-pop newcomer JANE and her otherworldly new single “Moon”

You can listen to “Moon below

We listen to a lot of music here at The Whole Kameese ( We’re a music blog it’s what we do) If we are being honest ( we always are ) we hear a lot of great music , but a lot of it tends to sound the same . However, this is not the case with singer:songwriter Jane who’s amazing and distinctive voice is really something special.

“Moon“ definitely has a Pink Floyd vibe to it but, JANE’s unique authentic vibe makes “Moon” a track that needs to be heard .

Since age 10, JANE has used songwriting as a therapeutic outlet for self-expression, making timeless music that embraces youth and individuality. JANE became an instant success after the release of her debut EP Fall Into Place, which garnered more than half a million views and 200,000 streams on Spotify. For the past year, the multi-talented artist built her streaming presence upon the release of her hit songs, “Free,” “Skinwalker,” and “Grace.” Her celestial sound and knack for blending pop and indie rock vintages with trends are some of the few elements that make her compelling among the rest.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines within,” says JANE on the song. “When you lose the light of the moon, keep shining your light.”

Jane, is the kind of artist that is needed in today’s musical landscape. “Moon” is a mystical tune that we simply can’t get enough of.

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